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Canon is a name that doesn’t require any introduction. That’s how famous and credible it is! With the ever-evolving technology, Canon has been amending some super amazing changes to match the needs of customers. Now, it’s just not the printing facility that you can avail of from the Canon printer but also scanning, copying, fax, and other couples of things. Isn’t this all-in-one cool equipment a game-changer and a budget saver for us!?

Well, if you are a Canon devoted user and have bought yourself a brand-new Canon printer, then you have picked the right article for yourself. You will get to know about each n every step of canon.com ij setup in an elaborate and understandable style.

Requisites for canon.com ijsetup


In order to have a successful canon.com ijsetup, you have to ensure the below-mentioned points:

  1. A working printer
  2. A good high-speed wifi connectivity
  3. Perfectly operating PC/laptop
  4. Enough storage space in your laptop/PC
  5. Firm USB cable connections
  6. Disabled firewall to do the complete setup in a hurdle freeway

Complete ij.start.canon Setup

From this part, you will be taken on a full tour on ij.start.canon Setup on PC/laptop system. This particular section is divided into 4 sections for your convenience. Remember to go section by section and follow all the steps in the order given in the write-up. Get started!

1. Download printer driver (https://ij.start.canon)

Here goes the 1st part of the process. http //ij.start.canon is the official Canon site that allows you to download the most compatible driver for your printer model. Even first-time users can surf the website smoothly because of the friendly user interface. Follow these trusted and tested steps to download the printer driver from https://ij.start.canon :

search to download canon printer drivers
  • Start your favorite cache & captcha data-free browser and type “https://ij.start.canon” in the search engine bar and press enter key from your keyboard panel.
  • The official download page will open and then click on the “Set Up” tab.
start canon.com ij setup
  • Now a page launches saying Select Product Name, enter exactly the same model name plus its number in the designated space.
  • (Scrolling the page is another option to check out the canon printers’ model number.)
find model to canon.com ijsetup
  • Once you did all the above steps correctly, you will be taken to the product window. Now snap the download bar to get the desired driver.
download driver to canon ij setup
  • few times, the Canon website instead of showing the direct download link, provides you the printer setup screen. No issues, do as follows:
  • Sometimes, it redirects you to the printer setup screen, then hits the “Start” button and follows all the on-screen instructional prompts to make your printer ready.
click to start canon.comijsetup
  • Tap “Next” to proceed with every step. Watch the video guide for your reference
  • Next, navigate to the “Connect” tab displayed at the lower-right side. 
  • Remember to pick the right OS located in the bottom-left side so that configuration happens smoothly.
choose os to setup canon printer
  • Thereafter, the download link will finally appear on the screen. Snap that red-color download tab. 
  • Step 6: The download process commences. Wait for a few minutes till the progress of the printer driver download finishes. 

2. Connection setup

The 2nd part for successful canon.com/ijsetup is a good and durable connection. Well, you always have two connection choices. Either you can go for the Wireless setup or the wired one.

Wireless Setup

In this particular section, the wireless setup is elaborated for both the OS – MAC and Windows. Follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Start the canon printer by turning ON the power button. Now the blue LED light begins flashing.
  • Push the WPS button located on the rear side of your WIFI router.
  • Move to the “Wireless Setup” on the control panel screen of your canon printer and touch the “Wi-Fi Setup” choice. 
  • On your PC, pick device settings and then LAN settings. Finally push the OK button.
  • Select the wifi access point you have from the available list and click OK.
  • Input WEP/WPA key which is nothing but your Wi-Fi password key. Enter it and then hit OK.
  • A few seconds after, the canon printer will be associated with your Wi-Fi.

Wired Setup

  • Attach the two ports of the USB cable into the system and the canon printer.
  • After that associate your windows and printer system via USB cable.

3. Installation of ij.start.canon driver

Once the Canon Printer Setup File gets downloaded, start the installation of the canon.com/ijsetup. All the steps are to be followed very precariously to ensure a smooth process. 

  1. As soon as the download gets over, access the file and start it. 
  2. Grant permission when the pop-up message flashes for the installer to run on the system without any issue.
  3. You have to Pick the preferred connection link that you want between your PC and printer method and go through the on-screen advice to establish the connection. 
  4. Once the connection is chosen, you can now access the printer choice from the given list of nearby printers. 

After you are done with the above 4 steps, you need to follow the specialized instruction for whatever OS you have:

For Windows

  • Navigate to the Windows Control Panel and click ‘Network and Connectivity’.
  • Go over the option that says “Devices and Printer” and hit “Add Printer”.
  • Check if your Canon printer appears on the window screen with a sign of a green tick. Just in case you can’t see this option then you are left with manually adding a printer via the “Add printer” option.
  • After this, there will be a list of printers visible. Choose your canon printer.
  • Snap next and a few moments later you can view your canon printer added and show up a green tick mark.

For Apple

  • Head on to the Apple menu by touching the Apple icon and going to “System and Preference”.
  • Under the System and Preference tab, navigate to the “Printer and Scanners” Option.
  • Tap the “+” sign visible and choose your canon printer (with the model number) showing on the screen.
  • Finally hit the add button to finish the canon.com/ijsetup on the MAC device.
  • Congratulations, you are successful in adding your canon printer to the MAC and now it will be shown with a green mark.

4. Final steps

You are just a few steps in order to start printing. So, here it goes:

  • Load a few blank white sheets inside the paper tray according to the guide marks.
  • Insert the cartridge into its slot
  • Go to the document that you desire to print and send the print command to your printer. “CTRL+P” is one shortcut that you can use.
  • Now you can preview the print and adjust the features like alignment, size of the print, quality, color as per your preference.
  • Finally, then confirm the print by snapping the “Print” tab.

Now this marks the end of canon.com/ijsetup!

Canon.com/ijsetup on Android smartphones 

Give printing commands from any spot of your house till you have a good wifi signal connectivity using your smart “smartphone”. Just ensure one critical point that both your gadgets (Canon printer and Android phone) are associated with the same internet network. Follow this effortless method for canon setup through Canon print App:

  • Start your phone and go to the google play store & download the Canon PRINT App on your device.
  • Snap “Run” after the download and installation process ends successfully.
  • Go over the Wireless Connect button located on the Canon printer.
  • Automatically the Wi-Fi details stored in your phone will be supplied to your printer
  • If you have followed all the above steps sincerely the Canon ij setup should have been fixed now, attempt to print a document through the existing connection.

Canon.com ijsetup on iPhone Device

This section will teach you all about the canon.com ijsetup on your smartest iPhone. Remember that the iOS device and Canon printer should be connected to the same identical network. Go through this stepwise solution and begin:

  • Head on with downloading the “Canon print” app from the Apple Store on your iOS gadget.
  • Quickly open the “Canon printer” app on your device. Go through all the onscreen prompts and confirm all the license terms and conditions.
  • Touch the “add printer” option.
  • Now navigate to the ‘register print’ option and next Scan for the printer setup.
  • Out of the two available choices – “Connect via a wireless router” and “Direct connection”. Go for the “Connect via wireless router”.
  • Thereafter, associate your iPhone to the identical internet network to end the Canon printer setup by moving to the ‘setting’ section on your iPhone.
  • Now, when the “Canon printer” app screen says “connect WIFI to Canon setup”, snap “OK”.
  • Name the set wireless network. 
  • As soon as you click on the wireless network option, enter the WIFI password and move your cursor to “OK”.
  • The moment you re-tap on OK, the printer’s name will pop on the display. Select it and tap “OK”.

Finally, the canon.com ijsetup on iPhone is complete.

Canon IJ scan utility tool

Do you know that you scan your document using the Canon IJ scan utility tool!? Get ready to install the Canon IJ scan utility tool in your preferred system. You can do this so through the official canon site and then associate the printer with the PC/laptop. Start scanning your important document by following the given simple steps:

  • Switch on the printer and ensure all the cable wire connection is good.
  • Keep the document on the scanner glass that you desire to scan.
  • Start the scan utility firmware and hit the scan button.
  • Document scanning begins and the user can modulate settings like scan resolution.
  • Browse and select the folder in which you want to save the scanned document. Click on the Save button.

Frequently asked questions About ij.start.canon

Some of the popular queries are answered here, so take a look:

1. What is canon.com ijsetup?

The website of canon.com ijsetup is designed to get the user a direct download link of the compatible driver that too in a very complex and easy way. Since it is Canon’s official site, it is highly trusted and secure.

2. How to connect a Canon printer to an iPhone?

This question has been addressed in this article under the section – “canon.com ijsetup on iPhone Device”. The other way you can look out for is AirPrint. Air print is one of the smartest ways to get your prints in just 1-2 clicks.
Do make sure that your printer is Airprint-friendly.
iPhone & Canon printers should be associated with the internet network.
Now pick the document that you want to get printed.

3. What are the requirements for connecting the Canon IJ printer to the wireless network?

All the requisites are given under the section “Requisites for canon.com ijsetup”. So, scroll up this article and make sure that you tick down all the requirements to proceed in an effortless manner.

Final Thoughts on canon.com ij setup

Hope this article helped you like no less than a technical assistant. All the procedures written here are totally verified, so you can follow them. Still, if you are facing any difficulty feel free to contact the support panel of Canon. The dedicated technical staff will surely come up with a great solution for you.